All of our Coaches are USA Boxing certified and Certified in Applied Functional Science


Carrie Barry

Functional Training
Sports Conditioning
Strength & Resistance Training
Rehab & Return to Sport

Coach Carrie is a 10x National Champion, Former Captain of Team USA, Coach of US Youth & Junior 2015 World Championships. Carrie served proudly in the US Army attached to the WCAP Boxing Program

She has a degree in Sports Medicine, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, & Massage Therapist, and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. 

If you’ve got non-boxers who want to use the club to train, how do you explain the effects it will have on their bodies?

"I explain it based on their background and experiences. If it is a cyclist, I might explain the benefit of getting upright, using more thoracic mobility, and being able to breathe better. I look at where that person’s background is and what movement language they speak then I connect the dots to boxing."

Kirsten Barry 

Strength Training
Senior Fitness

Coach Kirsten AKA Coach Hulk Smash.

Coach Kirsten is the 2016 Colorado State Golden Gloves champ. USA Weightlifting and USA Boxing Level 1 Coach. 

"We're a community oriented gym. We don't come here to show off. We come to have fun and to sharpen our skills together."

"The day of your match you enter the ring alone, but every step up to that point is with a team. We train, drill, run, and spar together. You have a village of support outside of those ropes, and you always have the best coaches in your corner."

Khumiso Ikgopoleng

Competitive Boxing
Youth Boxing
Individual Training

Coach Khumiso is a 3x Olympian participating in Athens & Beijing Olympics as an athlete and the London Olympics as Head Coach for Botswana.

“Children have different temperaments and mentalities. Boxing provides an organized structure for the children to gain self-discipline. I have brought numerous children off the streets thanks to boxing, encouraging them to respect the rules, to respect each other, and more importantly, to respect themselves”.

“When I’m with the children I become their brother, their mentor. Thanks to my previous sporting achievements, they consider me as a role model. And if I could make it, so can they.”