We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 20 to maintain class quality.

Please sign up and show up 10-15 minutes early to get your hands wrapped before class.


Skill Classes



Intro Boxing Class

This is a learning environment more than a working environment. You will learn stance, movement, and jab and cross and get to know us.

Boxing Fundamentals

This class will be focusing on the fundamental elements of boxing. Its a step up from the intro class and will introduce you to inside punches and fundamental movement.

Footwork & Core

Starts with general athletic footwork moving into boxing footwork techniques and finishing with core strength. 

Advanced Skills Classes

Defensive Principles & Strategy

One month training or Coach's permission

"Boxing has shown me amazing things. I have seen the stars in the daytime. Do you know how? I dropped my hands when I was in the ring and I got hit. Then suddenly I saw the stars. So do not drop your hands, or you will see the stars.

- Khumiso Ikgopoleng

You will learn defensive skills such as slips, rolls, blocks, catches and how to turn that defense into an effective offense. You will be drilling these skills with a partner so comprehensive knowledge of how to throw uppercuts and hooks is required.

Dynamic Load of Conditioning

All levels but requires attending a workshop to attend class

Build core stability, strength, and endurance though dynamic movements with this unique tool. A 60 minute athletic workout that will activate muscles you didn’t know existed.

 "The Bulgarian Bag is a fitness tool of the next generation." Being a movement based piece of equipment, Steve Nave states, "It incorporates all primal movement patterns that mimic natural movements. What makes the bag unique is that it's one of only a few exercise tools that cover all planes of movement under load. It's a functional training tool that creates power and neurological integration."

The greatest benefit to boxers and office warriors is that potential to train thoracic mobility, balance, and total body coordinated power. It is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It is a unique tool to transition the strength developed with barbells and dumbbells into athletic power and stamina. 


Must regularly attended Defensive Strategies Class, have coaches permission, and be registered with USA Boxing as an athlete. 


Tuesdays, Thursdays
6.30p Report and warm up
7.00p Geared up & Ready to go

Sparring participation is limited to those who meet requirements. Speak with one of the coaches if you would like to get involved in contact sparring. Viewing is open to everyone.

Training Classes



Boxing Conditioning

Boxing Conditioning is a mix of boxing workout and conditioning drills.


12 Rounds of Boxing Training so you can get in and get out. This is a fast paced class short and sweet boxing workout.

Jump Rope & Abs

Through a mix of rope jumping and creative conditioning drills, you’ll burn roughly 350 calories per class while improving cardio, agility, coordination, balance, rhythm, timing, strength, power, and speed. No rope jumping skill is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome.


Wild Card

This class will be a mixture of everything. Coaches choice! You never know what's coming at you, but you know it will involve boxing.

Dirty Boxing

The Science is in, take this class & you'll kick some early morning ass and jumpstart your metabolism for the entire day.

Get Down and Dirty and ready to do anything to win the fight. Except bad technique!This class includes all the traditional strikes of boxing with the additional elbows and knees needed to win in the streets against an attacker. We stay on our feet still because that's where dirty boxers are the most dangerous.

Speed Work on Light Bags

Learn about timing and speed. This class will focus on being able to learn how to use speed bags, double end bags (aka Light Bags) and rope drills. Most people think boxing is all about the power shots. It's more about putting your speed shots together to expose opportunities to land the power punch. 


Old Broads


10a – 11a

This class is designed to challenge Senior participants in a fun and functional environment. We will spend the first part of class warming up with our ABC's (Adult Balance & Conditioning) in all three planes of motion. The second half of class we turn up Joan Jett, lace up the gloves, smack some leather, and break a sweat.

Programa Compañeras



 Esta es una excelente rutina de ejercicio! Nuestro programa consiste en correr, boxear, saltar la cuerda, levantar pesas y mucho mas. Eres mas fuerte de lo que tu sabes!!  Solamente $5/classe.



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