Boxing and wellbeing in Boulder, Colorado.

Who's in your corner?

What is The Corner?

The Corner Boxing Club is Colorado's first community centric club run by Colorado's only Level 3 USA Boxing Coach and Fellow of Applied Functional Science (AFS), Coach Carrie Barry.


That's right. Footwork, gloves, punching bags, and brain power. You'll be hitting it hard with both fitness and tactical boxing. Contact and Non Contact Training. Glove up, Slap Some leather and be on with your day in less then an hour.

For The Community

Career Entrepreneurs, youth seeking direction and purpose, individuals determined to overcome personal obstacles and successful business leaders seeking personal growth on new levels outside of the boardroom.

Youth, Family, Community

The Corner will offer these same types of memberships with the addition of family and youth memberships to incorporate kids into a healthy, family friendly, environment.

What members say about us

Carrie is a unique talent, capable of bringing intensity and playfulness to every training session. Her extensive knowledge of strength, movement and boxing means that she can build on the strengths of any individual and work to eliminate any weaknesses.

Graham Furlong, Made Movement


One of the most dedicated and hard working elite athletes I've had the pleasure of coaching. She is also very intelligent and a fighter that will fight to the end for things she believes in. Her caring attitude for others is unbelievable and heart touching, she's just an amazing human being!
Basheer Abdullah, 4x Olympic Coach for USA Boxing


Coach Carrie has all the fundamentals of a great teacher. She is patient, motivating and tough all wrapped into one, not to mention an incredible attitude. But even more importantly, she is fantastic with my boys!
Jackie H., Mom of two high energy boys


The people in your corner

You'll be working with some of the fittest, smartest, and healthiest individuals in Boulder. We fight with you, for you, and against you -- for your own good!


Carrie Barry



Kirsten Barry



Khumiso Ikgopoleng

Coach/ 3x Olympian

Join The Corner!

We would love to have you join our community. Call us directly at 303-954-9005 or email with the form below. We offer private training sessions, group classes, and host private events for everyone. All ages welcome.